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Intelligent Motoring appoints new Chief Technology Officer
<h3><br><strong>Jonathan Anthony joins tech-driven car ownership management platform</strong><br></h3><p><br>Business Transformation Leader, Jonathan Anthony, has joined Intelligent Motoring as Chief Technology Officer, to help drive innovation for the tech-led motoring platform.<br> </p><p><br>With two decades of industry experience, including more than eight years as a Solutions Architect at Techtronic Industries (TTI), Jonathan brings valuable expertise in delivering end-to-end digital transformation, with a particular knowledge in the latest architectural and design frameworks.<br> </p><p><br>Launched in 2016, Intelligent Motoring sells an extensive range of warranty, insurance and workshop services through its brands MotorEasy and Warranty Assist, as well as an increasing number of partner channels.<br> </p><p><br>A key part of its proposition is a Digital Garage platform, designed to help car owners manage their vehicles in one convenient place. The garage is backed by CRM-processes that drive the cross-selling of products and workshop bookings that ultimately map to a car owners subsequent car purchase.<br></p><p><br>In his new role, Jonathan will oversee the scalability of the ownership platform, helping a growing list of partners create digital garage solutions that engage customers, building margin and loyalty. With information on cars and car owners amassed from multiple places, the platform is inherently data-driven, providing deep insights on mid-term car owners, agnostic to the brands they drive.<br></p><p><br>The group’s CEO, Duncan McClure Fisher, commented: “Jonathan’s strong technical background and vast experience in application development will enable us to build future-proof solutions that are seamless, friction-free and highly valuable to both our automotive business partners and end user drivers. Some partners may choose to use our APIs to integrate individual Intelligent Motoring products alongside their own. Others may prefer our out-of-the-box platform, providing a comprehensive ‘good-to-go’ suite of motoring products and services.”<br></p><p> <br>Jonathan Anthony commented: “I have always been passionate about emerging technology and its potential to disrupt established norms across a wide range of industries, elevating growth and tackling undefeated challenges. I’m hugely excited by influencing and driving change, by solving complex technical solutions. With the automotive sector in a flux of dynamic change, I look forward to putting this into practice with Intelligent Motoring. This is an exciting time for the business, and I am delighted to be able to play such a vital role in developing the architecture, infrastructure and products we will need to meet the needs of our group, our partners and our customers today and in the future.”<br></p>
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