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Having a spider in your car could cost you £2,500 or see you banned
<p>Drivers have been warned they could face a hefty fine and even jail if they are spooked by spiders while behind the wheel.</p><p>September and October are the peak spider mating season in the UK, with millions of Brits currently noticing a huge increase in the number of eight-legged terrors invading their homes.</p><p>It’s predominantly the males who are out and about looking for a mate but all species of house spiders found on these shores prefer warm and dry environments.</p><p>And this means they can also infiltrate your car – vastly increasing the potential for a disturbed arachnid falling on you while you’re driving.</p><p>But motoring experts have warned that being suddenly shocked by the appearance of a spider is no defence against the rules of the road.</p><p>Duncan McClure Fisher, founder and CEO of UK motoring association <a href="" title="">MotorEasy</a>, said: “It’s vital that all drivers are 100 per cent focused on what they are doing while behind the wheel.</p><p>“You are in charge of a two-tonne piece of metal travelling at speed, so distractions can be fatal.</p><p>“If your concentration is suddenly diverted by something inside the vehicle this could constitute driving without due care and attention or careless driving.”</p><p>If found guilty of careless driving, courts can impose between three and nine penalty points, and slap you with a £2,500 fine. You could even be disqualified and put behind bars, depending on the nature of the incident.</p><p>In 2015, a woman in South Wales was banned for 12 months and handed community service when a man died following an incident when she panicked when a spider fell into her lap from the sun visor.</p><p>And last year a motorist in the Isle of White ploughed into a road sign after being spooked when he spotted an arachnid in his vehicle.</p><p>Spiders are most likely to hide in warm and secluded spots in your car – including in the air vents, behind the sun visor even around the engine.</p><p>Arachnid experts say the best way to keep them at bay, other than cleaning your car’s interior regularly, is to spray diluted citrus or peppermint oil around the car as these are substances spiders hate and will therefore avoid.</p><p>Mr McClure Fisher added: “Most people are aware that driving while not fully concentrating or not in full control of your vehicle is not acceptable.</p><p></p>
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