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Yoauto selects Warranty Assist as it seeks to democratise “dealer-to-driveway” car retailing
<p>yoauto has selected Warranty Assist as its exclusive warranty partner for its newly launched dealer trade-to-trade platform, yotrader. </p><p>The B2B platform, which launched last month, allows dealers to buy and sell stock within a 100% trade-only environment. The platform is designed to present an extensive range of vehicles to in-market buyers and is free to all subscribing dealers until 1st June 2021. With no additional buying or selling fees, the platform aims to compete on price and quality of stock, the latter moderated via a customer rating system.</p><p>So far, over 500 independent dealers are signed-up, with each provided a personal salesroom to present stock disposals and part exchanges. The platform also features stock feeds from leasing and rental companies, car buying platforms, auction groups and main dealers. With a total daily supply of some 500k vehicles, dealers can either “buy now” or bid for advertised stock.</p><p>The addition of Warranty Assist is part of a suite of services that enable dealers to build revenues and margin through add-on products. Other dealer benefits include dealer-to-dealer and dealer-to-driveway car delivery services, as well as financing programmes designed to preserve dealer commission.</p><p>Warranty Assist will provide a tiered set of policy and pricing options, enabling dealers to quickly and easily offer a comprehensive range of warranty protection. </p><p>Antony Johnson CEO of <a href="" title=""></a> & <a href="" title=""></a> said, "We are delighted to announce the collaboration between Warranty Assist and yoauto. This partnership will be yet another great addition to the yoauto dealer-portal. Every vehicle linked to a Warranty Assist product makes car dealers lives easier and more profitable."</p><p>Warranty Assist is part of Intelligent Motoring - the automotive technology group that includes MotorEasy, the UK’s fastest-growing B2C motoring association. WA has quickly become a leading provider of warranty re-sale products to many thousands of dealers. </p><p>Set up by car dealers, for car dealers, Warranty Assist provides a flexible blend of warranty protection and pricing. Plans can be managed via a dedicated dealer portal, with remote account managers providing additional support. </p><p>John Highfield, Managing Director of Warranty Assist, added “partnering with yoauto brings a strong meeting of minds, with both brands committed to helping dealers build profitability and margin. The platform has grown at a remarkable pace and provides a genuine solution for independent dealers looking to compete with large scale ‘dealer-to-driveway’ retailers.”</p><p><strong><u>About yoauto</u></strong></p><p>Yotrader is a dealer led platform, committed to supporting UK dealers fairly and honestly. Users search used cars from approved automotive car dealers from around the country.</p><p>We support users in searching for used cars from approved automotive car dealers from around the country. Our objective is to bring the British used car dealers together to create a seamless car shopping experience while supporting our local communities. </p><p><strong>For further information, please contact:</strong></p><p><strong>Antony Johnson</strong></p><p><a href="" title=""></a></p><p> <a href="" title=""></a></p><p><strong><u>About Warranty Assist</u></strong></p><p>Warranty Assist has fast become a leading provider of warranty re-sale products to over 2,000 independent dealers, since being established in 2012. </p><p>Warranty Assist is part of the Intelligent Motoring group, one of the UK's fastest growing motoring protection and aftersales providers.</p><p>Set up by car dealers, for car dealers, Warranty Assist aims to offer the best blend of warranty protection, value for money, flexibility and choice. Its three levels of cover help dealers tailor solutions to best-fit individual customer needs. </p><p>Warranty Assist’s chief goals are to make warranties simple, quick and easy for dealers to set up while providing the highest levels of dealer support to ensure this happens.</p><p>Efficient, pro-active and dynamic Warranty Assist is expanding rapidly, investing heavily in both the latest web-based technologies to provide a fully integrated dealer interface and online portal in conjunction with teams of highly experienced telephone-based account managers.</p><p><strong>For further information, please contact:</strong></p><p>John Highfield - 07887998102</p><p><a href="" title=""></a></p>
For further information, please contact John Highfield at