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Increasing numbers of AFV owners seek GAP and warranty cover as financial concerns rise
<p>London, 6th July 2022 - New data from Intelligent Motoring reveals that demand for GAP insurance and extended warranties for Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) is rising year-on-year (YOY). </p><p>Since 2018, Intelligent Motoring has seen the number of requests for GAP insurance quotes rise by more than 10%. June 2022 figures reveal a YOY increase of 3.2%, and the first six months of 2022 saw 86% more quotes than the same period in 2021. AFV extended warranty quotes now account for 5% of all quotes, rising from less than 2% in the same period in 2018.</p><blockquote><p>Whilst the reality is that AFVs accounted for less than 2% of the UK’s total vehicle parci by the end of 2021, new vehicles sales continue to accelerate at speed. As these cars begin to age and filter through to the three-year-old plus used market – the core market for extended warranties – we can expect to see a similar rise in sales of EV warranties,” commented Duncan McClure Fisher, CEO of Intelligent Motoring. </p></blockquote><blockquote><p>An uplift in demand for GAP insurance and particularly extended warranty, is encouraging, and suggests consumers increasingly recognise the value of add-on ancillary products that safeguard the health and financial integrity of their car purchase. Pandemic financial fears, coupled with the rising cost of living, are also likely to have stimulated consumer concerns to protect disposable incomes and avoid unexpected ownership expenses.” </p></blockquote><p>Intelligent Motoring data shows that some common repairs come in at up to 400% higher for electric vehicles than their combustion engine counterparts. For example, a coolant pump repair for a BMW i3 – carried out by one of Intelligent Motoring’s registered and approved garages – costs £2,293.99 compared to around £400 at a franchise dealer for the same part on a BMW 3 Series petrol model. Meanwhile, replacing a single door handle on a Tesla Model S will cost almost £670 – the retractable feature being controlled by an electric motor – compared with repairing a simple door handle on an Audi Q7, which would cost around £245. Many reports claim AFV owners could see a 30% reduction in their service and maintenance costs if they opt for extended warranty cover.</p><blockquote><p>Duncan McClure Fisher concludes, “Many AFV owners are unaware that the shortfall in technicians qualified to work on EVs, alongside the higher cost of EV parts, is pushing up the repair bill when things go wrong. This presents an income opportunity for retailers and garages who are EV-ready as they can help educate drivers on the value of both GAP and warranty cover for their AFV. Not only could this save their customers considerable money in the longer-term but also build lasting customer relationships.”</p></blockquote><hr /><p><strong>About Intelligent Motoring</strong> </p><p><em>Connecting human experts with motoring technology to create extraordinary experiences</em> </p><p>Intelligent Motoring brings together the innovative vehicle ownership solutions of MotorEasy, Warranty Assist, Motokiki and Motor Angel, to provide car buyers and owners, warranty providers, dealers, manufacturers and lifestyle brands access to a unique suite of value-driven products, services and resources in one place. </p><p>Formally launched in 2022, Intelligent Motoring is self-financed, wholly independent and profit-focused for itself and its partners. Collectively, Intelligent Motoring brands boast more than half a million members. </p><p>For further information, please contact Justine Hoadley, Cecile Stearn or Matthew Enderby on 0208 977 9132 or email <a href=" " title=""> </a></p>
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