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Intelligent Motoring launch creates a new aftersales customer acquisition and retention powerhouse
<p><strong>MotorEasy, Warranty Assist, Motokiki and Motor Angel brought together to deliver a unique suite of products to enhance the ownership experience at every stage of a vehicle’s lifecycle<b><br></strong></p><p><br>Reading, UK, 12 April 2022 – The team behind thriving vehicle ownership brands MotorEasy, Warranty Assist, Motokiki and Motor Angel is launching Intelligent Motoring. Focused on unlocking the data, technology and call-centre expertise behind the four combined brands, the new automotive business is set to benefit manufacturers, retailers consumer brands and service outlets who have the ambition to deliver the ultimate vehicle ownership experience for consumers.<br></p><p><br>The business is led by entrepreneur Duncan McClure Fisher who previously founded Warranty Direct, which was subsequently sold to BNP Paribas. He also recently sold Auto Trust, the largest Dutch warranty and maintenance provider to Bovag/Bovemij, the Dutch motoring association and insurance company.<br></p><p><br>Intelligent Motoring’s portfolio of value-added solutions can be effectively white-labelled in the name of its clients to deliver immediate consumer benefits or tailored to meet the specific profile of each client’s customer base. Alternatively, Intelligent Motoring’s suite of back-office platforms, the bedrock of its growing capabilities, can be employed by its clients to enhance their own customer acquisition and retention activities.<br></p><p><br>Crucially, the data gathered by Intelligent Motoring via its consumer and dealer-facing solutions gives the business invaluable insights into the profile and psychology of today’s car owners, which enables it to deliver the right products at the right time for both its clients and their customers. <br></p><p><br>This not only immediately maximises revenue opportunities for its clients, but also builds stronger customer relationships and loyalty for the longer term. <br></p><p><br>Duncan McClure Fisher, CEO of Intelligent Motoring explained, “Whilst we remain fully committed to growing the success of MotoryEasy, Warranty Assist, Motokiki and Motor Angel in their own right, we have been increasingly working with trusted automotive brands from across the industry to enhance their customer proposition by overlaying our innovative, ready-to-go or bespoke vehicle ownership solutions. <br></p><p><br>“The launch of Intelligent Motoring marks our ambition to amplify this success, bringing together under one umbrella our network of over 10,000 garage partners, agile technology capabilities, data and CRM intelligence and the exemplary technical expertise of our call-centre operatives. By unlocking these services for the benefit of the entire motoring ecosystem, we can collectively offer consumers more choices at every stage of the ownership journey, that meet their individual needs at competitive prices.” <br></p><p><br>- Ends -</p>
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