MinsterSoft is an IM-owned software house that configures and builds aftersales solutions for third parties.

As a solutions provider, it delivers an extensible architecture and API framework to enable partners to provide its customers with customised versions of selected IM products and functionality.

Minstersoft’s core team are based in IM’s head office in Reading, while supplemented by freelance support, many ex-IM personnel, in locations including Poland, Bangladesh, India and Thailand.

Additional burst capacity and system support is also available through a long-term partnership with the London-based digital agency Netro42. It’s a network of engineers delivering software development capabilities on an extended working hours basis.

Technology and resource resilience

As an integrated platform, Minstersoft’s IT operations are designed for peak uptime targets, with 24/7 monitoring linked to responsive service notifications on a Cloud, Application (APM) and ping monitoring basis.

The AWS-hosted platform strives to drive performance through load balancing and redundancy measures at a hardware, data, code and geographic level. It’s a level of resilience that allows “one-call” partner support at any time.

Future-proofed and visionary

As the competitive market for Digital Garage and car ownership lifecycle solutions heats up, IM and Minstersoft recognise a constant need to adapt, with flexible and nimble solutions.

The team prides itself on speed of delivery, while balancing the constant need for robust and data secure solutions. It also recognises that partners will increasingly opt for solutions that integrate into their own customer account areas, rather than opening a separate and IM-hosted environment.

Front end applications are designed to be mobile-first, data-driven and optimised for conversion. While APIs are built to integrate end-to-end in a partner’s digital experience and, if needed, purchase process.  

The aim: to provide car lifecycle products and services that can supplement a partner’s existing range of services. A model that brings high quality end-products to an ever-growing number of motorists.

Jonathan Anthony
“Minstersoft's open API-architectures and white-label framework enable partners to mix and match our SMR and protection products, choosing a free-standing IM-hosted solution or, if preferred, solutions that integrate alongside their own product sales and account areas.”

– Jonathan Anthony, Chief Technology Officer