Motor Angel

Every month our business handles over 4000 workshop bookings across a nationwiode network of 10,000 garages.

MotorAngel is the proprietary version of Intelligent Motoring's Workshop Trading Platform. Developed in the early 2000s, it manages all SMR bookings for MotorEasy, Warranty Assist and our partners. 

From warranty claims to fixed cost repairs, MOTs to services. All bookings are administered according to configured labour rates and Service Level Agreements. As we operate at scale, we can configure margins on a bulk or job-by-job basis, passing on savings to end customers for goodwill or marketing purposes.

Our team of repair Engineers, use the platform 6-days a week*, to administer workflow processes between the car owner (customer) and the workshop.

Key features:

  • Workshop selection: automatically recommends a local garage, with over-ride facilities to allow a preferred an alternative, for example a main dealer, specialist provider or less expensive alternative.

  • Workshop update tool: an interface for the workshop to send live updates on booking progress, as well as qualitative data such as tyre tread depth or brakepad wear, parts costs or estimated completion times.

  • Traffic lighting: provides our repairs engineers with alerts on work progress, with inbuilt tools to trigger a phone call to the workshop if needed.

  • Customer updates: diagnosis updates and feedback on completion times that can be sent to the car owner by email, text and via the MotorEasy Digital Garage.

  • Customer reviews: a trigger to invite the customer to review the garage and the quality of work, following the booking.

  • Reports and documents: These are documents that prove a permanent record of the work undertaken and its associated receipts and costs, uploaded to the MotorEasy (or partner) Digital Garage. Documents that proof useful for building the vehicle’s full service and maintenance history.

  • Margin builder: allows the platform operator to input and configure labour and parts rates, as well as profit margins. Margins can be banked, or passed on to consumers as a cost saving or goodwill measure.
Alan Hunter
“Our automated customer reviews allow us to vet a workshop’s value and quality of work. Garages that consistently fall below parr are given the opportunity to redress any shortfalls or face the prospect of being removed from the platform. It’s a live feedback process that keeps the whole process honest and safe, giving customers the reassurance that all our garage partners are trustworthy, reliable and provide a good service and value for money.”

– Alan Hunter, Head of Repairs