MotorEasy is Intelligent Motoring's D2C or consumer-facing brand. It has grown rapidly, building consumer awareness through television advertising, sponsorship and other above-the-line activities. Selling 11-proprietary products and an extended range of partner-solutions, it now counts some 1-million Digital Garage members.

MotorEasy’s beginnings go back to the late 1990s and the early days of the internet. Its proposition centred on simplicity and convenience -  a combined warranty, breakdown and car servicing product, all for a simple monthly subscription.

As a concept, it was arguably ahead of its time, the management team soon realising that what car owners actually sought was choice, flexibility and value. The opportunity to package and bundle different aftersales products together, safe in the knowledge they were saving money and receiving the best service.

The original “combined” trio of products was therefore de-coupled and in its place, a new mix of motoring products and services emerged. Collectively designed around the full lifecycle of a vehicle, it aimed to offer a joined-up set of timely solutions. During the early year’s of a car’s life: products to maintain its showroom condition and value – GAP, alloy, tyre and cosmetic insurance. During the later years: products to safeguard and maintain reliability – warranties, breakdown, servicing and repairs.

One Stop Shop for all your car needs

In 2016 MotorEasy rebranded with a new logo and slogan, Everything car done for you. Core to its proposition: the Digital Garage, a value-add account area available when buying a product, or for free with limited functionality to everyday site visitors.

Since launch, over 1-million people have set up a digital garage account, with accumulated records on nearly 2-million vehicles. 

In simple terms, the garage is where MotorEasy members can manage and keep records for all their current and past vehicles, whatever brand or type of car they drive. Its a place  where they can access policy documents and workshop records, build a vehicle's service history, access money of discounts from well known brands, all the while receiving reminders on important dates like MOT and Tax renewal.

It also provides an easy way to book or manage a workshop appointment nationwide, safe in the knowledge that all garages are vetted and monitored for quality of service and value.

As a platform, it provides a semi-walled garden where members can purchase eleven MotorEasy branded products spanning two broad categories:

  • Car protection: warranties, GAP insurance, alloy wheel insurance, cosmetic insurance, tyre insurance, breakdown recovery insurance, battery insurance, temporary car insurance.

  • Workshop SMR: servicing, repairs, maintenance (including MOT testing), managed through a network of 10,000 vetted and monitored garage partners.

Data-rich by design

With every workshop booking or product quoted or purchased, the MotorEasy platform acquires data that informs its CRM, including triggers to our Dialler system that initiate, a follow-up email or Telesales call.

Triggers range from a prompt to replace a tyre, through to an offer to buy an extended warranty, or a reminder that a car finance plan is approaching its end.

MotorEasy Brand Growth 

Confident in the quality of its core products, MotorEasy saw an opportunity to bolster consumer through ambitious marketing programmes. In the early 2000s it grew through industry partnerships with the Telegraph, Halfords, the Daily Mail, Castrol and Barclaycard.

Its first television adverts aired in 2004, a foreshadow to a sustained appearance on TV screens that ran almost consistently from January 2017 through to June 2023. Alongside 30-second TV spot airtime it invested in a long-term sponsorship arrangement with "Driving Entertainment” on the channels Dave, Eden and Gold. Viewers would soon grow accustomed to its catchy “earworms” that have followed the brand ever since.

In the 85-months through to January 2024, MotorEasy TV advertising and sponsorship has remained on screen for 60-months. The investment proving instrumental in building prompted and unprompted brand awareness, as well as its overall profile on search engine organic listings.