Warranty Assist

Established in 2012, Warranty Assist is a leading provider of warranty re-sale products for over 2,000 car retailers. Its flexible portal enables them to configure and sell warranties to car buyers at point of purchase.

Launched by ex-car dealers, for car dealers, Warranty Assist provides a platform and process for retailers to configure, sell and manage a warranty programme through their dealership.

Supported by a backend portal, retailers can quickly and easily set the duration and payment terms for every vehicle, while building a customer book of existing policy holders.

We also offer retailers the opportunity to request an extensive range of forecourt, showroom and web site marketing collateral, helping them to leverage the full benefits of an assured and trusted warranty scheme.

With the choice of an extensive set of standardised and personalised forecourt flags, stickers, policy leaflets, flyers and take-home packs, customers will have no doubt that the car they are buying is backed by a recognised scheme.

Customer centred by design

The WA portal is fully-equipped with a customer management and reporting facility that allows retailers to access detailed information on live and historic customers.

The whole platform provides a secure, GDPR-compliant environment to track and manage customer records, triggering follow-up marketing notices at key moments.

Claims are managed by a dedicated team, focused on delivering clearcut, efficient and timely decisions backed by helpful advice and and best practice across their dealer network.

For further information on becoming a Warranty Assist dealer, contact - Mike Hall, mike.hall@warrantyassist.co.uk