Costly demise of the manual handbrake
Justine Hoadley

Justine Hoadley

Intelligent Motoring reveals the costly demise of the manual handbrake

Motorists pay over 200% more for the repair of its electronic replacement

Motorists pay over 200% more for the repair of its electronic replacement 

New data analysis by vehicle ownership experts Intelligent Motoring, has revealed the high cost to motorists when an electronic handbrake needs to be repaired. The cost to repair a traditional, manual handbrake averaged £220.37 for motorists, while the average cost to repair an electronic handbrake was £665.98 – over 200% more.

“Manufacturers are phasing out manual handbrakes in their new vehicles, with components in cars and vans generally becoming increasingly electrified,” commented Duncan McClure Fisher, CEO of Intelligent Motoring.

“Almost one in ten new passenger cars sold today have a manual handbrake. In fact, someof the UK’s most popular brands have completely switched to an electric handbrake for all new models including Honda, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot andVolvoii. However, as with many other electric features on newer vehicles, this comes at a higher repair cost for the driver if they are not protected.” 

Analysis of warranty claims data from Intelligent Motoring’s consumer ‘All Done for Me’ motoring solution, MotorEasy, showed that 27% of electronic handbrake claims cost over £1,000. Claims were made most frequently for Land Rover and BMW vehicles, with the highest repair cost on record for an electronic handbrake being £2888.70, for a Range Rover Sport.

Duncan McClure Fisher continued, “At a time when the cost of living and the cost of car ownership is soaring, this trend is leaving motorists at even greater risk of unexpected and unaffordable repair bills. Extended warranties can be extremely valuable to help mitigate against sudden bills, spreading the cost and providing peace-of-mind in otherwise turbulent times.”

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