Cobrand Partnerships

Cobrand Partnerships

Generate new revenue, while adding value for your customers.

Our cobrand solutions provide a quick and easy way to structure and deploy affiliate partnerships.

Partners can enjoy new revenue streams through introductions to a tailored set of IM products and services, while their customers benefit from savings on IM products and services.

How our Cobrand Partnerships work

Partners receive a playbook of marketing materials for use on their own websites and marketing channels, including: 

  • Product descriptions
  • Email marketing copy
  • Discounted offers and voucher codes
  • A cobrand website
  • Collateral to support Sales events
  • Banners
  • Interactive widgets that initiate a product quote
  • Trackable UTM links to record leads and sales

In return for introducing business, partners receive a steady income that includes both an initial commission, as well as a future revenue stream for repeat purchases.

As a solution, it enables partners to monetise their audience and real estate, by referring traffic to a MotorEasy cobrand website containing a tailored set of IM products.

This selective ability ensures partners will not run the risk of introducing their customers to an IM service that might compete against their own product range. Importantly, the partner gets to choose which IM products should appear or NOT appear on the cobrand site.

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For further information and read example Cobrand case studies, please contact