IM White Label

IM White Label

Create a bespoke customer experience and new routes to market, through value-add online and offline engagement.

Developed by Minstersoft, IM’s inhouse technology team, our White Label solutions provide a modular toolkit for partners to build a high-quality range of insurance, warranty or workshop services, alongside their own product portfolio.

Products can be seamlessly integrated into a partner's existing digital estate or delivered as a standalone service. Either way, they can be branded in the partner's look and feel, or delivered as a cobranded version alongside Motoreasy or Warranty Assist.


As a platform, IM White Label provides a way to build modular bespoke solutions, using one or more of the following platform components:

  • Product purchase journeys - quote and purchase journeys for up to 11 IM products and services, fulfilled on the partner's own website.
  • Documentation - policy documents and workshop receipts branded in the partner's look and feel.
  • Contact centre - email communications, telephone sales, claims handling and customer care as a cobrand "Intelligent Motoring | Partner" offering, or fully white labelled in the partner's name.
  • Workshop Trading Platform - access to SMR bookings, as well as the ability to include a partner's workshop amongst Intelligent Motoring's existing network.
  • Pricing engine - either adopting IM's standard pricing framework, or accommodating bespoke margins and tactical sales events.
  • Business Reporting - detailed reports indicating leads, sales, user visits and other key management information requirements.

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