Jonathan Anthony

Jonathan Anthony

Jonathan Anthony

Jonathan Anthony, Chief Technology Officer

Deep experience in solutions and data architecture, including leadership positions at Techtronic Industries, Irdeto and VODWorks

Jonathan was appointed CTO in early 2023, where he oversees all IT and software development activities, while leading Intelligent Motoring's long term technical vision.

With a foundation in object-oriented information systems, Jonathan embarked on a journey that started with his own development company, progressing onto providing expertise via contracting and working for global organizations spanning the media and manufacturing sectors. His career has been punctuated by numerous technical and leadership roles in the industry, prior to joining Intelligent Motoring.

"My mantra around solid system's development centres around scalability and maintainability. Once we have those engrained through development, we have the capacity to innovate and set benchmarks in the industry."


At the core of Jonathan's mission lies an unwavering commitment to data-driven innovation. His vision is centred on harnessing the vast reservoirs of automotive data in novel and groundbreaking ways. Jonathan firmly believes that our products will dynamically adapt and evolve in response to the invaluable insights derived from data.

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