Contact Centre

Contact Centre

Customer service and treating people helpfully and fairly is at the heart of what we do. Our culture and systems combine technology and a human-touch for fast, value-driven results.

The business world may be driven by “digital first” imperatives, but for many consumers, the opportunity to talk to a real human is what really counts.

Let’s face it, whether you’re buying a warranty, GAP or other insurance product, the nuances of how they work from one provider to the next, can be hard to grasp. Is there hidden small print? Are there exclusions? Is the product fair value?

While we know our own products stand-up to the very strictest scrutiny, we realise buyers need the full facts before they part with their cash. 

That’s why we’ve built a contact centre that melds the very best of the online and offline worlds. Digital quote journeys backed by product information for those that prefer to purchase purely online, alongside telephone support for those that prefer to talk through the details.

It's an approach that adds-up in business terms. We measure leads and conversion rates from every one of our media and partner channels. We know enquiries from certain channels will often need the added push of human interaction. In some cases 80% of sales can complete through an “online only” purchase. In others it’s the other way around, where the majority need thoughful and considered advice.

Engineered with experience

Since our historic beginnings, as a pioneer of direct-to-customer extended warranties, we’ve created a culture and operational framework to deliver commercial results, without compromising customer care, fairness and value for money. Its for this reason our Trustpilot scores outstrip our nearest rivals, with verbatim comments that posititively namecheck our team members. 

Based in Reading, our contact centre has operational efficiency and effectiveness front and centre. We’re quick to process inbound leads. We're experienced at providing expert advice, many in our team have been part of our business for 20-years or more. 

From a claims perspective, our repairs engineers have collectively managed every conceivable mechanical and electrical failure. With an insider’s perspective on the relative expertise, value for money and current workload across our network of workshops, they know where best to get the job done.

Its a standard of service and care that compares favourably with the best in our sector, whether handling customers for one of our own brands, or managing them on behalf of an IM partner.