Digital Garage

Digital Garage

The Digital Garage is available as a value-add when purchasing a product, or for free with limited functionality to non-customers.

Its purpose is to provide an environment to manage all your car needs; a virtual toolkit, whatever brand or type of car you drive.

It's a place to build service history, store policy documents, get reminders on key dates like tax, service and MOT renewals. It provides access to discounts on an extended range of motoring products and services, helping to track your vehicle’s value while you decide when and what to trade-in for. To date, over 850,000 people have created an account, hosting on average 2.6 cars each.

IM Partner Digital Garage

Our Digital Garage can be provided as a free-standing white label platform for partners, or partners can build their own version through access to our APIs.

Its modular architecture, allows partners to pick and choose which products or features they’d like to include in their version.

There are generous commission levels on sales generated via partner digital garages, or we can discuss providing access to our own net rates if a partner would prefer to set their own price levels and margin.

As a platform and engagement tool, it provides access to new revenue streams as well as value driven ways to engage customers through their car ownership lifecycle.