Repairs Management

Repairs Management

Each day our teams help all types of drivers manage their repairs and warranty claims. It's a skilled job that has earned us accolades on Trustpilot, while helping to build a detailed data-map of workshop costs and capabilities nationwide.

What makes a great Repairs Engineer

Our repairs team combine two star qualities. Firstly, a deep knowledge of the idiosyncrasies, faults and failures across some 320 different vehicle models. Secondly, patience, empathy and customer understanding.

Most are from an automotive background having previously worked as service technicians or within customer service. They know where to get a vehicle fixed and which workshop is likely to provide the best deal, turnaround time or specialist understanding. Which means, if they can’t find the relevant garage specialist on our roster of 10,000, they’ll know where to go next.

Truspilot Rating

If you read our Trustpilot customer reviews you’ll often see our repairs agents namechecked. They are natural problem solvers, focused on delivering the right customer outcome, as well as providing that extra level of customer advice when needed.

Got an MOT advisory and are unsure whether to get it fixed? Our repairs engineers will give you an impartial view, helping you make a decision according to your own individual circumstances.

White Label Repairs Management

Our white label partnership model is helping other businesses deliver an SMR function nationwide. Included within this package, is the option to white label our Contact Centre, so front-line call centre staff and all associated customer communications carry your brandname. It's an approach that helps our partners extend their business reach, safe in the knowledge they are providing the very highest levels of customer service.

Quality Assurance

All IM repairs services (as with our broader Sales operations) are administered through a robust and highly transparent set of QA and customer duty framework.

Calls are recorded for quality and legal reasons, providing a readily accessible archive that can be scrutinised to support claims analysis and vet customer service standards.

Staff undertake regular training and workshop programmes to build service quality and professionalism. It’s a process that focuses on continued improvement, learning from mistakes and building best practice.