Workshop Trading Platform

Workshop Trading Platform

Intelligent Motoring's SMR and claims management platform has evolved over 20-years to become a class leading environment for administering end-to-end workshop bookings and customer updates.

Our proprietary version, MotorAngel, manages bookings for MotorEasy and Warranty Assist. A white label version has been successfully deployed by the AA to build a network of workshop services across Ireland (read our AA Ireland case study here).

Out of the box, it provides a way for motoring partners to establish, extend or deepen their workshop footprint. Vehicle retailers can service customers out of region or provide specialist repair services. Additionally, they can extend reach for their own workshops, plugging into new seams of work including IM and partner claims and SMR booking requests.

Behind the scenes, the whole system has quality assurance measures that maintain customer safety and financial exposure. Labour rates can be configured to secure network rates and pass on savings to customers. A customer reviews engine helps to identify garage quality of service, identifying workshops that fall below standard, triggering their removal from the network.

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